The 2018 Qingdao Textile Printing Exhibition begins!
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[The 10th Qingdao International Textile Printing Industry Exhibition] is 'the first platform for the ecological industry of northern textile printing industry'. The industries involved are printing and dyeing factories, garment factories, fabric manufacturers, swimwear, outdoor products, plush toys, home textiles, carpets, towel users and non-textile users, etc.

With the support and supervision of the government, associations, exhibitors and visitors, the scale, quality and service of the exhibition have been continuously improved. For this reason, the organizing committee decided after careful consideration: The 10th Qingdao International Textile Printing Industry Exhibition in 2018 will be changed from 'Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center' to 'Qingdao International Expo Center'.

At that time, we will open 7 exhibition halls, at the same time there are sewing equipment exhibition, surface accessories and yarn hall, leather shoe machine shoe material exhibition, digital printing exhibition, clothing and apparel exhibition.


Qingdao International Expo Center is located at No. 7-1, Wenquan 2nd Road, Wenquan Town, Jimo District, Qingdao (near Binhai Avenue). There are convenient transportation, a vast textile market, and a series of tourism and leisure resources around Jimo Exhibition Hall. Come and take a look at the four advantages of the International Expo Center

Advantage one


There are many bus lines in Qingdao International Expo Center, the exhibition hall extends in all directions, and there are two parking lots outside the exhibition hall.


At the same time, the exhibition hall provides free shuttle bus to and from the airport, Qingdao downtown, Qingdao Jimo, and Chengyang.

Qingdao Metro Line 11 will be completed on January 11, 2017, and will be completed by the end of October, and will be commissioned before the end of the year. It is expected to be opened to traffic in the first half of 2018.

For more traffic route guidance, please follow the public account

Advantage two

Pavilion scale

Qingdao International Expo Center is currently the largest international expo center in North China. The pavilion has ten large-space, column-free single-story standard pavilions, providing exhibitors with professional and flexible manipulation experience. The single pavilion has a construction area of about 12,000 square meters and a net exhibition area of nearly 10,500 square meters, which can accommodate about 504 International standard booth, the highest point of the exhibition hall is about 18 meters, the lowest point is 12 meters, the floor load is 50KN/㎡, and multiple standard entrances and exits and cargo handling ports are set up.

Advantage Three

Accommodation and supporting facilities

1. Accommodation

The Expo Center and the surrounding areas of Jimo City are equipped with four- and five-star hotels, as well as business hotels of different grades, which can accommodate tens of thousands of people to stay and eat at the same time, large-scale commercial and recreational facilities are available, and the surrounding area is rich in geography and culture Travel Resources

2. Travel

Nanshan tourist attractions include four parts: Religious Culture Park, Chinese History and Culture Park, Theme Park-Happy Valley and Donghai Tourist Resort.

Integrating ancient and modern resources and integrating Chinese civilization, Nanshan Tourist Attraction has become a large-scale multi-functional tourist attraction integrating tourism, leisure and vacation, industrial sightseeing, conference business, entertainment and shopping, etc., and is outlined with her unique charm A picture of 'Fu Shou Nanshan, a paradise for heart'.

3. Leisure

The hot spring town is located in the coastal area of the northern temperate zone, with an annual average temperature of 12 degrees. The area is rich in natural health seawater hot springs, which have high medical value. There are also many minerals beneficial to the human body in the water. It has been established by the Geophysical Survey Bureau. A number of national, provincial, and Qingdao municipal training and recuperation bases such as the National Tsing Hua University Training Center attract thousands of tourists and recuperating personnel.

Nanshan International Golf Club is located in Longkou City, Shandong Province, a coastal city with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. It borders Yantai in the east, Qingdao in the south, and Longkou Port in the west. It faces South Korea and Japan across the sea. The transportation is very convenient.

Advantage four

Textile market

As one of the four hundred-billion-level industrial clusters that Jimo City focuses on fostering, textiles and garments account for one third of the city's total economic output and tax revenue.

At present, Jimo has more than 2,800 knitting and garment enterprises, of which 230 are above designated size. In 2014, the output value was 85 billion yuan, and the output value and tax revenue accounted for one-third of the city. There are more than 2,800 textile and garment enterprises in the city.

Jimo textiles and garments are well-known in the industry. Companies such as Jifa, Xueda, Red Collar, Hongni, and Hongfang have won the respect of the industry with their unique textile models. At present, Jimo has emerged as a 'two-information' fusion model represented by the Red Collar Group, a brand management model represented by the Hongfang Group, a strong type represented by the Jifa Group, and a strong model represented by the Children's Wear Alliance. Different development models such as the group development type and the 'Internet +' platform type represented by the network business alliance.

The advantage of Jimo's textile and garment industry lies in the accumulation of the advantages of the entire industry chain covering many fields such as manufacturing, market wholesale, and e-commerce services.

Shandong is a major textile printing and dyeing province. Printing and dyeing is the foundation. The textile enterprises in Shandong are large, large and small, with intermediate faults. Printing and dyeing is a weak link in the entire textile industry chain. In particular, Shandong has a relatively large output of grey fabrics and local printing and dyeing capabilities. After being printed and dyed in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the grey cloth was shipped back to Shandong for sale. Traditional printing and dyeing enterprises face the characteristics of environmental protection and high labor costs. Traditional printing and dyeing enterprises face increased costs such as changing coal to gas in production, and textile printing and dyeing enterprises are facing upgrading and transformation. Digital printing has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. It is in line with the national development strategy. It has the characteristics of 'short, flat and fast', suitable for personalized customization, saving labor and many other advantages. Digital printing is gradually recognized by enterprises as a new type of printing process. Digital printing currently accounts for less than 10% of the entire industry, and the future development potential of China's digital printing is huge. China will be the world's printing, dyeing and printing center in the future. Combining Shandong's regional advantages, digital printing has a certain development space.


Exhibition Preview

The 10th Qingdao International Textile Printing Industry Exhibition in 2018

Exhibition time: June 28-30, 2018

Exhibition location: Qingdao International Expo Center

(No. 7-1, Hot Spring 2nd Road, Jimo)

exhibition criteria

Printing machinery:

Mechatronics printing machine, digital printing machine, flat screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, plate making equipment, drying tunnel, printing treadmill, heat transfer machine, hot stamping machine, digital jet printing system, computer integrated inkjet screen making system , Mixing equipment, etc.

Printing material:

Inkjet inks, sublimation inks, thermosetting inks, water-based inks, transfer inks, pre- and post-processing auxiliaries for inkjet printing, plate-making materials, printing pastes, printing auxiliaries, printing coatings, glitter powder, adhesives, heat Melting glue, heat transfer paper and transfer paper, flocking adhesive, flocking auxiliary, etc.


Digital printing processing, leather printing, heat transfer, flocking printing products, heat transfer processing products, printing patterns.


Laser equipment, computer color separation and plate making system, computer color measurement and matching, thermal transfer, textile printing related patents, technology and software, etc.

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