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In a vibrant May, Vientiane is renewed. In this springy month, the printing industry will also usher in a highly anticipated annual exhibition. May 20-22, 2018, sponsored by Hong Kong Haohan Information Media Group Co., Ltd. and hosted by 'Textile Printing' magazine, '2018 Guangzhou (13th) International Textile Printing Industry Technology Exhibition/International Textile Digital Printing Technology Exhibition' 'The meeting' will kick off at the Guangzhou Pazhou Poly Expo. At that time, many exhibitors at home and abroad will gather to showcase the fine prints and showcase the industry.

The connotation is naturally indispensable-a new look! Next year, the exhibition venue will occupy 20,000 square meters. Kornit, Changlian Technology, JHF, Hope High-Tech, Nanli Bateng, Yongdali, Epson, Roland, MUTOH, MIMAKI, All India, Wuxi Pengda, Runtianzhi, Bihong , Shunxing, Bairui, Yealink, Ricoh, Tianwei, Hongsheng, Korea INK ECO, Jiedan, Pengda, Jiangchuan, Century Fonda, Runnos, Hanma Laser, Heli Laser, Kasha Laser, etc. 300 A number of well-known domestic and foreign companies will all be present. Exhibitors will cover many fields including process digital printing, digital jet printing, textile printing and printing, etc. They can be directly used in apparel, home furnishing, outdoor leisure, clothing luggage, car decoration, and crafts. Fabrics, interior decoration and many other aspects.

Here, we sincerely thank the exhibitors and visitors for their support. The series of activities around the exhibition were wonderful, which benefited the visitors a lot and enjoyed a feast of new ideas and new technologies.

Rigid and flexible advancement is unstoppable-from the original small-scale industry exhibition to today's international professional event. The huge market provides enterprises with unlimited business opportunities. With the help of the organizer's professional experience in successfully operating the International Textile Printing Industry Technology Exhibition for many years, it aims to provide the industry with the best high-quality platform for the display, communication and transaction of both supply and demand.

Build a more efficient business platform for the seamless connection of upstream and downstream of the textile and apparel industry. Help industry colleagues better grasp the market trend, understand the current situation of the industry, and create business opportunities.

At this time, it has entered the final preparation stage of the exhibition, and the staff of Haohan Information is also very busy, but the professional audience organization of the exhibition is gradually reaching its climax. Haohan Information visited the major textile cities across the country, namely: Puning International Textile City, Jinjiang Shoes City, Shishi Textile City, Keqiao Textile City, etc.

It is reported that quite a number of well-known enterprises in the industry have registered for purchasing intentions in advance. I believe that this exhibition will achieve fruitful results under the vigorous promotion of China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association.

At the same time, the exhibition is also inseparable from the strong support of major media. As many as more than 60 powerful media promotion also create a strong publicity offensive for this exhibition, and enhance the recognition and influence of the printing industry in the printing industry.

Not only depends on temperament, but also on strength-through recent visits by the 'Textile Printing' magazine team, most companies are confident in the current market and look forward to the future textile printing apparel market. In China, both the quality and service of printing materials and printing equipment are improving day by day.

Haohan Information has been focusing on industry magazines and industry exhibitions, especially in exhibitions. Through more than ten years of precipitation, it has accumulated a large number of professional visitors. This is undoubtedly the most powerful guarantee for the success of the exhibition. It is worth mentioning that the number of exhibitors at CITPE 2018 has improved significantly in terms of quantity and quality, with nearly 400 exhibitors participating. The '2018 Guangzhou (13th) International Textile Printing Industry Technology Exhibition' organized by Haohan Information has become the industry's best high-quality platform for display, communication and transaction between supply and demand parties.

how about it! You don’t want to miss this wonderful moment! Welcome to visit the 2018 Guangzhou International Textile Printing Industry Technology Exhibition.

Online pre-registration is now open

Visitors can go to the WeChat public account of the exhibition 'Textile Printing Industry WeChat Station' to pre-register and visit the exhibition site. On-site registration procedures are exempted. The deadline for visitor pre-registration is May 16, 2018. Please register to visit now!

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