An influential brand recognized in the industry, a new one-stop shopping platform

※ Original brand characteristics

Break the personalized customized network business model and implement a physical store business model centered on consumer experience

※ All environmentally friendly materials

The country's first thermal transfer film printed with water-based paint ink

It is the most environmentally friendly, economical and easy-to-use product on the market, and the environmental protection level reaches the standard for infants

The printed pattern has bright colors, good color fastness, elasticity, and does not peel off


※ Professional training and support

There is a comprehensive professional training system to provide all franchising owners with comprehensive technical and business skills for free. There is no time limit, until you learn, and the use problems encountered during the business period will be answered as soon as possible!

※ Professional team lineup

Specialized teams work together to build a franchise system: from store location evaluation, store exhibition, store opening, and subsequent operations to store opening, it will be more professional to help you succeed in your business

Reward and share the franchise owners, share the ultra-high profit ratio

※ Perfect follow-up service

At the beginning of the opening of the new store, experienced technical staff will be assigned to assist in the operation

After joining the machine maintenance and auxiliary material distribution, there are dedicated service personnel to follow up

Massive high-definition pictures are available for customers to choose, and the gallery is updated regularly to accurately grasp the market trend

The professional post-retouching team can complete the retouching work as soon as possible