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Shanghai Keyang Information Technology Co., Ltd. agent franchise details

Franchisee conditions

一、Enterprises with independent legal personality or individuals with specific sales channels.

二、Have relevant product sales experience or specific sales channels.

三、Have experience in establishing and managing sales channels and the ability to provide after-sales service. 

四、Have the ability to formulate market expansion plans and implement them.

五、Cooperate with our company to carry out marketing activities.

六、The quarterly sales volume is not lower than the minimum requirement of our company. 
Business strategy 

Shanghai Keyang Information Technology will integrate domestic power resources in a strategic, step-by-step and effective manner. Through mastering its own core technologies, innovative corporate systems, effective marketing mechanisms, and rapid response to the market, it will gradually develop upstream in the industry and shape the company. Core competitiveness. Relying on strong production and scientific research strength, relying on excellent professionals and management team, maintain the leading position of electrical products in the functional and technical market in the industry; and provide the market with high-quality and highly competitive electrical products.

sales support

With its strong strength and market operation capabilities, Shanghai Keyang Information Technology provides franchisees with a uniformly designed marketing model, and according to the needs of market promotion, plans to organize national or regional public relations and promotional activities, and will be assisted by regional managers Jointly executed by franchisees.

Good customer service

In terms of service, Shanghai Keyang Information Technology Co., Ltd. provides franchisees with efficient supply and service support, and has set up a service hotline to provide users with high-quality services; in addition, we strictly implement after-sales service in accordance with the national three-guarantee policy!

Shanghai Keyang Information Technology-the ideal partner

Shanghai Keyang Information Technology hopes to establish a long-term strategic partnership with you and share the social wealth created. We hope that you: agree with our marketing philosophy and strictly implement our sales franchise policy. A good company reputation and honest partners will be our precious wealth. Possess complete and stable own sales channels and strong distribution capabilities. Have experience in regional marketing and sales of electrical products.