1. 3D Rubber Paste 711

2. 3D PU Paste 811                  

3. 3D Additive Rubber Paste 4511

4. Crack Rubber Paste 655(306 Under Coating Paste)

5. Anti-foil Coating Paste 9111

6. Glitter Paste 288                      

7. Heat-free Foil Paste 105

8. Suede Puff Rubber Paste 368                        

9. High Temperature Fomaing Rubber Paste 399

10. Under Coating Paste Of Metallic SL-100                  

11. Metallic Silver Paste CLT200

  • Product Parameter



Nylon Rubber Paste 371153Good60℃ 2.5h Wash

Suitable for elastic waterproof nylon fabric manual printing,fantastic fastness,good elastic, soft hand feeling

The product is divided into white paste and clear paste.

PU Denim Rubber Paste 945532-60℃ 2.5h Wash

Suitable for all kinds of denim manual printing,good fastness,high brightness and stone wash.

The product is divided into white paste and clear paste.

Static Flocking Paste 72933-50℃ 2.5h WashThe product is divided into machine paste and hand paste.
Heat-transfer Flocking Paste 122832Good50℃ 2.5h WashHeat-transfer Flocking Paste.
3D Rubber Paste 71133Good40℃ 1.5h Wash3D paste,good fastness,fast thickness , not sink,should be used with catalyst.
3D Additive Rubber Paste 451133Good50℃ 2.5h Wash3D paste additive: Additive proportion with different paste 1:1,suitable for different fabrics,thick and plain,not sink. 4511-1can prevent frostbite -25℃,soft hand feeling.

Crack Rubber Paste 655

(306 Under Coating Paste)

12Good60℃ 2.5h WashCracking white paste,naturally crack,good crack Effect,good fastness
Glitter Paste 28834-40℃ 1.5h WashSuitable for all kinds of cotton and knitted fabric manual printing,very shine after you add gold and silver glitter,and antioxidant.
Anti-foil Coating Paste 91111---Single-component separating paste,,high transparency,not return white,drop after washing,effectively isolate foil paper, absorb fluorescent color and darker color,cloth sublimation have color change effect.
Heat-transfer Foil Paste 88833-40℃ 1.5h WashSuitable for flat and rotary machine printing,good washing fastness but a little hard hand feeling.
Heat-free Foil Paste 10555-40℃ 1.5h WashCold-transfer foil paste,good cold-transfer effect,good washing fastness,wash several times without shedding and darkening.
Suede Puff Rubber Paste 36833-60℃ 2.5h WashGood suede effect,soft hand feeling,should be add 15%-45% rubber paste to mix use.
High Temperature Fomaing Rubber Paste 39933-60℃ 2.5h WashHigh foaming effect,will not sink and good fastness. It should be add 40%-70% rubber paste to mix use.
Under Coating Paste Of Metallic SL-10033-60℃ 2.5h WashUnder coating paste of metallic,to make the printed metallic paste surface smooth and fullness.
Metallic Silver Paste CLT20013-60℃ 2.5h WashMetallic silver paste: High silver bright color effect.

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