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NO PVC thermosetting Thermosetting Ink Plastisol

HY-LF36-7 white

Hy-lf758 right Angle transparency                              

 Hy-lf19004 rounded corners are transparent

HY - LF color                                          

Four color  Thermosetting Ink Plastisol

Fluorescent thermosetting ink Plastisol                                   

HY-LF19019-5 gels pulp

Hy-lf19666 electrostatic flocking pulp                      

Hy-lf19180 against sublimation ash

HY - LFLP006 foam pulp                               

HY-LF19171 Glitter pulp

HY - LFyilin24 bronzing pulp

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NO PVC thermosetting Thermosetting Ink Plastisol

The product contains right Angle transparent, black, white three basic inks and other color paste, with excellent line effect, good flatness, good thickening, the ink made of sharp edges, strong sense of three-dimensional


HY-LF36-7 whiteThe product is suitable for color block and dot pattern printing.The product has good covering power, printing flatness is higher, can better press cloth wool.It has the advantages of good elasticity and oil resistance.Product viscosity moderate, handprint, machine printing.20KG/barrel
Hy-lf758 right Angle transparencyThe product has good stacking property and is suitable for block surface and three-dimensional pattern printing.Moderate viscosity handprint, machine printing can be continuous printing, viscosity is stable20KG/barrel
Hy-lf19004 rounded corners are transparentThis product has very good transparency and glossiness, with excellent anti-foaming, good elasticity, anti-oil and other advantages20KG/barrel
HY - LF colorThe product is a set of most widely applicable, cost-effective spot color, with good resistance to transfer and high temperature resistance, suitable for machine and manual printing20KG/barrel
Four color  Thermosetting Ink PlastisoThe product belongs to the permeable ink, corresponding to the color separation method of C M Y K, is not suitable for large-area block pattern and three-dimensional block pattern printing and overprinting20KG/barrel
Fluorescent thermosetting ink PlastisolThe series of thermosetting ink formaldehyde content is low, with good resistance to migration, but the resistance to the level of 2 below, hot drying or pressing temperature should be below 180℃20KG/barrel
HY-LF19019-5 gels pulpThe product appearance is transparent, feel is especially soft close to silicone, high storage stability20KG/barrel
Hy-lf19666 electrostatic flocking pulpThe product can be used for flocking or stamping, flocking or stamping, after a long time without falling off, in heavy silicone oil cloth and woven cloth with high permeability and adhesion, suitable for machine printing20KG/barrel
Hy-lf19180 against sublimation ashThis product has excellent anti-sublimation ability, because of its characteristics, the product contains trace iron, but, when using a probe detection instrument, it can still pass20KG/barrel
HY - LFLP006 foam pulpThe product belongs to thermosetting suede foaming ink, no need to add foaming agent, can be directly printed, easy to operate20KG/barrel
HY-LF19171 Glitter pulpThis product viscosity is low, can add a lot of gold and silver powder, transparency is good, so after adding gold and silver powder, after 165-170 degrees tunnel dryer, the surface is bright, transparent effect is good20KG/barrel
HY - LFyilin24 bronzing pulpThe product viscosity moderate,suit for machine printing, handprint 20KG/barrel

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