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Water-based coating heat transfer film/white film/gold film/silver film:

The water-based paint thermal transfer film is our company's unique and first thermal transfer film that can be printed with water-based paint ink (can also be printed with solvent-based ink). Through the printing, cutting, reverse pasting, pressing and other processes on the transfer film, personalized printing can be achieved on dark, black and other fabrics that cannot be directly printed. Therefore, the transfer film is a white ink and scraping glue for digital printing. A supplement and perfect material for pulp. The printed pattern has bright colors, good color fastness, elasticity, and does not peel off. It is the most environmentally friendly, economical and convenient product on the market.

Material quality: PU, PET Width: 50cm, 100cm, 75cm Color fastness: dry wiping level 5, wet wiping level 4 Light fastness: 7 level



      (1)The color yield of the printing film is high, please adjust the ink volume before printing;

      (2) Do not wrinkle and stain the transfer film before printing, and never touch the surface of the transfer film with sweat or oily hands;

      (3) Pay attention to ironing and ironing the substrate first before reverse pasting, and it must not become damp.

   2. Washing

      (1) Wash the clothes 24 hours after the ironing is completed. Machine wash the clothes with the inside out, and try not to use a washboard to scrub as much as possible;

      (2) Do not use strong detergents such as bleach;

      (3) Do not soak for too long.

  3. Use, storage and packaging

      (1)Do not touch the surface of the transfer film with your hands;  

      (2) Please keep it sealed, do not place it open, and avoid moisture;

      (3) Avoid mixing impurities and contaminating the transfer film;

      (4) Please stay away from alcohol and oil products;

      (5) The shelf life is 1 year at room temperature.

Digital printer:

CCC certificate number: 2014010904676241

Brand: Epson/ Epson Epson Model: 3280

Type: Ink cartridge type color inkjet Maximum printing format: A1

●High speed and high precision output: 28 seconds IA1 format output

●A new generation of quite material ink: wide color gamut, excellent printability

●HP-GL2/RTL language support: in line with user habits in the engineering field

●A1+ format new design: more suitable for the output standard of the CAD industry

● Optional Adobe PostScript card (including 320G hard disk): seamless connection with engineering field standards

●Optional 320GB hard disk: quickly improve the print file processing capacity of the entire system

●More user-friendly control interface: easily improve overall work efficiency

The highest resolution: 2880*1440dpi

Minimum ink drop: 3.5pl

Minimum line width: 0.02mm

Line accuracy: +/-0.1%.

Output speed: 28 seconds/A1

Head technology: PrecisionCore TM TFP micro piezoelectric nozzle

Color: Cyan Magenta, Yellow, Photo Black, Matte Black

Ink: Double 5-color Epson'Live Color XD' pigment ink

Format: A1+

Network printing: Wired network printing Whether to support automatic two-sided printing: No

Paper feeding method: automatic manual integrated version type: mainland China

Applicable scenarios: business office supplies type: none

Stylus printer special function: None Remote printing method: Does not support remote printing

Number of nozzles: 720 nozzles/color (x5 colors)

●Coarse paper (720x720dpi): 66 seconds/A1 image

.Printing direction: unidirectional printing, bidirectional printing

Line accuracy: +0.1% (temperature 23C,

Technical advantages: automatic print head calibration technology,

Humidity 50~60%, plain paper)

Automatic nozzle detection technology. New LUT (color

Minimum line width: 0.02mm

Comparison table) technology, black ink automatic switching

Ink system::

Print quality:

Ink: Double 5-color Epson's live color

●The highest resolution: 2880x1440dpi

XD' pigment ink system

.Minimum droplet size: 3.5 picoliter

(Cyan, magenta, yellow, photo black, matte black)

printing speed:

●Cartridge capacity: 110ml/350ml/700ml

Plain paper (360x720dpi): 28 seconds/A1 image

Paper handling:

●Plain paper (360x720dpi): 30 seconds/A1 line drawing

Paper feeding method: friction paper

.Plain paper (720x720dpi): 66 seconds/A1 image

.Roll paper: width 89mm-610mm

Plain paper (720x1440dpi): 60 seconds/A1 line drawing

Printer Matching Ink:


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